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  • PhotoDemon forum is now live

    PhotoDemon now has a new public forum! The new forum is hosted by GitHub (the same site that hosts PhotoDemon's source code), and anyone can participate. You can reach the new forum by clicking the "Forum" link at the top of this page.
  • PhotoDemon 8.4 is now available

    Building on top of the recent 8.2 release, PhotoDemon 8.4 is another minor update that brings additional stability and usability improvements. I may have also snuck a new tool or two into it...
  • PhotoDemon 8.2 is now available

    PhotoDemon 8.2 is a minor update that brings stability and usability improvements to the recent 8.0 release. It is recommended for all users.
  • PhotoDemon 8.0.1 stability update coming soon

    No matter how much a new stable release gets tested, a few bugs always slip through the cracks. If you're having trouble with PhotoDemon 8.0 (particularly on Windows XP), fear not - an 8.0.1 update is on its way. In the meantime, please try the latest nightly build to see if it improves your experience.
  • PhotoDemon 8.0 is here

    After 2.5 years of work, PhotoDemon 8.0 is available to download. New features include clone and pattern brush tools, support for Adobe Photoshop (PSD) images, massive performance improvements, new filters and effects, and much more.
  • PhotoDemon 8.0 beta is now available

    After 2.5 years of work, a new PhotoDemon release is almost ready. New features include clone and pattern brush tools, a new gradient tool, support for Adobe Photoshop (PSD) images, massive performance improvements, new filters and effects, and much more.
  • Clone and Pattern Brush tools now available in nightly builds

    I'm excited to announce that the latest PhotoDemon nightly builds have (finally) received a long-requested feature - clone and pattern brush tools. I'd love your help testing them.
  • Warning - latest Windows 10 update may break nightly builds, but a patch is available

    The latest Windows 10 update ("2019-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903") breaks a critical system library used by PhotoDemon. Microsoft is currently "working on a fix", but in the meantime, you may find that older nightly builds crash without warning. (Stable builds *should* be okay.) I have uploaded a new nightly build to mitigate the worst of this issue.
  • Help test new Photoshop (PSD) and OpenRaster (ORA) image support

    PhotoDemon 7.2 will ship with full support for layered image formats like Adobe Photoshop (PSD, PSB) and OpenRaster (ORA) files. Help me improve these features by downloading the latest nightly build and trying it with your own PSD and ORA files.
  • Nightly builds have moved - please re-download

    As part of the migration to a new website platform, nightly build auto-updates have been reworked. If auto-updates have stopped working for you, please manually re-download the latest nightly build.
  • The future of PhotoDemon

    Big things are coming to PhotoDemon, and *you* can help me build them!
  • PhotoDemon 7.0.1 release

    PhotoDemon 7.0.1 contains minor security and stability improvements relative to PhotoDemon 7.0. It is recommended for all users.
  • PhotoDemon 7.0 release

    After 2.5 years of work, 1500+ code commits, and 3400+ builds, PhotoDemon 7.0 is finally available. This release includes more new features and improvements than the past four releases combined, including new on-canvas paint tools, text tools, custom interface themes, full Unicode support, and dozens of new effects and adjustments.
  • PhotoDemon 7.0 Beta 1 is now available

    I am *so excited* to finally write this article. After 2.5 years of work, 1,500+ code commits, and 3,000+ builds, PhotoDemon 7.0 is nearly ready for release.
  • PhotoDemon 7.0: new Adjustments and Effects

    Even though new adjustments and effects weren't the focus of this release cycle, there were plenty of opportunities to make improvements. A full list of adjustment and effect changes would require ten more articles as long as this one, but suffice it to say that in one way or another, every filter in the project has seen at least minor performance improvements, and many have received top-to-bottom overhauls. Let's spotlight a few of the more interesting changes.
  • PhotoDemon 7.0: new on-canvas paint tools

    PhotoDemon 7.0 now ships with full-featured pencil, paintbrush, eraser, bucket fill, and color picker tools. If you've used paint programs in the past, you probably know what each of these tools do. For first-timers, here's a quick run-down.
  • PhotoDemon 7.0: core engine improvements

    While engine improvements don't always make for pretty pictures (because they exist "behind-the-scenes"), they're the foundation on which the entire program rests, so let's talk about some of the core engine changes that make this 7.0 release possible. (And perhaps most importantly - let's talk about how these changes will make future releases possible.)
  • PhotoDemon 7.0: miscellaneous improvements

    Some new features don't fit into an obvious category, so here's a quick list of miscellaneous improvements in the 7.0 release.
  • PhotoDemon 7.0: now with full Unicode support

    After many months of detailed study, development, and testing, PhotoDemon 7.0 will finally be capable of displaying text from any language, and working with files or folders with names from any character set. Similarly, any text that you enter inside the program - from text tools to filenames - now supports characters from any language. (Note that this is true across all versions of Windows, including Windows XP if SP3 is installed.)
  • PhotoDemon 7.0: final UI update

    I've talked about PhotoDemon 7.0's new UI in the past, but this is one of those areas where words don't really do it justice. So let's use pictures!
  • Building a consistent user interface from Windows XP to Windows 10

    In its next release, PhotoDemon will finally be running on its own custom-built user interface toolkit. This toolkit has slowly been constructed over the past two years, but it's finally nearing completion, and it will make a ton of long-awaited fixes and improvements possible.
  • Coming soon: best-in-class text tools

    Most photo editors have miserably poor text tools. In PhotoDemon, I wanted to see if we could break this trend. Here's a sneak peek at the result.
  • PhotoDemon and

    With every new PhotoDemon release, I receive a flood of emails about the VirusTotal website, and their analysis of the new PhotoDemon build. After a new release, it is common for several of the site's 60+ scanners to mark PhotoDemon as suspicious. Before anyone gets too nervous, let's talk about why this occurs, and why I'm not worried about it.
  • PhotoDemon 6.6 release

    After six months of hard work, PhotoDemon 6.6 is officially ready for download.
  • PhotoDemon 6.6 beta is live

    Version 6.6 is a little different from past releases. I'm making great progress on adding on-canvas paint tools (and related tools, like text and shapes), but due to their complexity, the new tools still need a few more months of work. I don't want to wait that long to release an update, so I've back-ported as many non-paint-tool upgrades and improvements as I can - that's what you'll find in version 6.6.
  • Coming in PhotoDemon 6.6: automatic updates

    PhotoDemon 6.6 includes a bunch of new features designed to make updates more frequent, more reliable, and less of a hassle for everyone - me, translators, and end-users included.
  • PhotoDemon 6.6 preview: new selection tools

    At long last, PhotoDemon now provides fully powered polygon, lasso, and magic wand selection tools. As with other selection tools, non-destructive antialiasing and feathering are supported for all selection types.
  • PhotoDemon 6.4 release

    After six months of hard work, PhotoDemon 6.4 is officially ready for download. For those upgrading directly from version 6.2, you're going to find a lot of improvements!
  • PhotoDemon 6.4 beta is live

    It's that time again - PhotoDemon 6.4 is nearing release, and it's time for beta testing. A few minor items still need addressing, and some language files are incomplete, but the core program is 99% ready for release - so anyone who can give it a whirl is greatly appreciated.
  • PhotoDemon 6.4 Update: New Features, New UI, Non-Destructive Editing

    Layers are now a fully integrated part of PhotoDemon's workflow. All the expected features are there - variable opacity, 24 blend modes, drag/drop layer reordering, flattening and merging, etc. In the PhotoDemon tradition, there are also some extra amenities, like support for one-click merge up or merge down operations, automatically fitting the canvas to the active layer or all layers, trimming empty space from images, and other little things...
  • PhotoDemon 6.4 preview: Layers

    Layers support has been one of the largest undertakings since PhotoDemon went public some 18 months ago, but so far progress has been smooth and steady.  Here are some of the Layers-releated features already available in the latest development build...
  • PhotoDemon 6.2.1 is now available

    PhotoDemon 6.2.1 provides fixes for several issues found in version 6.2.
  • PhotoDemon 6.2 release

    After five months of hard work, PhotoDemon 6.2 is officially ready for download.
  • PhotoDemon 6.2 beta is live

    I have two primary goals with the 6.2 release - modernizing PhotoDemon's interface, and preparing the program for Layers support.
  • New feature in 6.2: improved JPEG dialog

    PhotoDemon 6.2 will ship with a complete redesigned JPEG export dialog.
  • PhotoDemon 6.2's new, customizable interface

    Up through version 6.0, PhotoDemon used a very old interface style called MDI, or "multiple document interface". That's about to change.
  • PhotoDemon 6.2 nightly builds are now available

    The title says it all - new nightly builds are now available!
  • PhotoDemon 6.0 release

    After six months of hard work, PhotoDemon 6.0 is officially ready for download.
  • is live

    Over the past few weeks I have been working on a new home for PhotoDemon, and today, that new home goes live! will now host all downloads, updates, and help documentation related to PD.
  • PhotoDemon 6.0 beta is live

    It's taken nearly six months, but PhotoDemon 6.0 is finally ready for release. I've already talked about some of the great features this release includes, like powerful selection tools, metadata (EXIF) support, Curves and other new tools, but today I have some additional improvements to announce.
  • Blur Filter performance: PhotoDemon vs GIMP vs Paint.NET

    As benchmarking goes, this is very informal. PhotoDemon reports timing automatically in nightly builds, but for GIMP and Paint.NET I had to resort to using a stopwatch. Normally this is a terrible idea, but the algorithms involved take a very long time to run, so a stopwatch is sufficient for broad timing. (10ths of a second don't matter much when an algorithm takes twenty minutes to finish...)

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