PhotoDemon 6.2.1 provides fixes for several issues found in version 6.2. If you have automatic updates enabled, you will automatically be notified of the update, or you can manually download it here.

6.2.1 fixes the following bugs:

  • FIXED: Severe error in the Image -> Canvas Size dialog
  • FIXED: Various problems in locales where “,” is used as a decimal separator
  • FIXED: Some controls do not display correctly on Windows XP

This update also includes a few other minor modifications and additions, which I have backported from the current 6.4 codebase.

Also of note - as of today, I have started uploading nightly builds for the next PhotoDemon version (6.4). PhotoDemon’s next release includes a full Layers engine, meaning you can create and modify images with many separate layers. The code is still under heavy development, but if you’d like to see a snapshot of the current progress, you can now download new nightly builds from the download page. (Please remember that nightly builds are unstable by design, so they should not be used for any serious work - they are mostly just for curiosity, so you can see how the next version is coming along!)