Participate in PhotoDemon development

PhotoDemon would not be possible without the help of countless awesome contributors. I’d love to add your name to the list.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, translator, or someone with a good idea, the only requirement for participation is reading PhotoDemon’s Contributor Code of Conduct and agreeing to abide by its terms. Once you’ve done that, consider yourself part of the team!

In no particular order, here are some of the most popular ways to help.

Report bugs

PhotoDemon is a huge project, and while I try my best to keep it error-free, bugs sometimes slip through the cracks.

If you do encounter an issue, please submit an issue on GitHub.


PhotoDemon ships with a dedicated Language Editor that makes translations fast and painless. In fact, new translators can often complete a full translation of the program within several hours!

If you have any questions about the translation process, feel free to create a new issue on GitHub so I can walk you through the process.

Write code

PhotoDemon is written in Visual Basic 6.0. Developers with VB6 experience can submit pull requests directly, while developers in other languages can submit their work by creating a new issue on GitHub.

PhotoDemon is developed and maintained by a single individual (with a family to support). Ongoing development is primarily funded by my ongoing Patreon campaign, but I also accept one-time donations through this donation page. Thank you so much to everyone who donates!