PhotoDemon is a portable photo editor. It is 100% free, and 100% open-source.

The program provides a comprehensive selection of photo editing tools in a very small download. It runs on any Windows machine (XP through Win 10), and as a portable app, you can carry it around on a USB drive or SD card. It never needs to be installed, and it does not require administrator access to run.

PhotoDemon has been designed to work anywhere in the world, regardless of language or locale settings. Translations are currently provided for 20+ languages.

The program is available under a permissive BSD license. Outside contributions from coders, designers, translators, and enthusiasts are always welcome.

Ongoing development is supported by donations. If you enjoy using the program, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon, or making a one-time donation through PayPal.

Contact me

Patreon subscribers can submit feedback and requests at PhotoDemon’s Patreon Community page.

All other users can submit bug reports, feedback, or suggestions by filing an issue on GitHub.

For anything else, you can reach me (PhotoDemon’s author) at tanner<at> Because this is a volunteer effort, I can’t always promise a reply, but your email will always be read (…eventually).

Thanks for reaching out!