Over the years, many users have asked for a public forum (or discussion board) where they can ask questions, share feedback, and get help from other users. I’m happy to announce that those requests have not been ignored: an official PhotoDemon Forum is now available.

PhotoDemon’s new forum is hosted by GitHub, the same developer site that hosts Apple, Google, and Microsoft’s open-source efforts (among thousands of others). You will need a free GitHub account to participate. A GitHub account allows you to participate anywhere on GitHub, including the open-source projects of the aforementioned companies.

As you can imagine from the pedigree of the companies involved, GitHub’s account security is best-in-class. They provide a much safer, faster, and feature-rich discussion board template than I could develop on my own, and I’m grateful that they recently made their forum software available to open-source developers like me. (The less time I have to spend on things like forum development, the more time I have available for PhotoDemon!)

If you have any feedback on how to improve PhotoDemon or its new public forum… share it at the forum, of course!

See you there!