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After 2.5 years of work, 1500+ code commits, and 3400+ builds, PhotoDemon 7.0 is finally available. This release includes more new features and improvements than the past four releases combined, including new on-canvas paint tools, text tools, custom interface themes, full Unicode support, and dozens of new effects and adjustments.

This release was a monumental effort, and it would not be possible without all the amazing contributors who donated money, time, and feedback. Thank you to everyone who donates! Your support means the world to me.

As I mentioned in the beta release announcement, version 7.0 is too large to be described by a single article. Instead, I’ve separated new features into their own articles, all of which are linked below.

Special thanks

The articles above mention many individuals who contributed to this release, but I’d like to call out a few special people here:

Thank you to vhreal1302, Boban Gjerasimoski, Roy K, Davor Šikic, Chen Lin, and Zhu JY for their help with this release. This release already took a very long time, and it would have taken even longer without their help.

Thank you as well to the many others who contributed bug reports, feature ideas, and feedback, whether big or small.

I hope you enjoy version 7.0. If you have any feedback on this release, please create a new issue on GitHub.