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PhotoDemon would not be possible without generous people like you! Please click the image below to be transferred to a secure donation page:

For matters of simplicity, I handle all donations through PayPal. (Note that A PayPal account is not necessary to donate. Bank accounts and credit cards work just fine.)

If PayPal is not available in your country, or if you’d like to contribute via other means, please send me a message.

Why I ask for donations instead of using advertising to fund the project

To give everyone a better experience

There are already too many flashing banners, sudden sounds, and distracting ad boxes cluttering up modern technology. You’ll find none of that in PhotoDemon and

To respect your privacy

I appreciate it when people respect my privacy, so I try to do the same. While using PhotoDemon and browsing this site, you don’t have to worry about advertisers tracking you.

I’m an artist and developer, not a businessman

If I were interested in getting rich from PhotoDemon, I probably wouldn’t give it away for free… but seriously, time spent on marketing and advertising is time not spent making the program better. I like to avoid that.

I think people are awesome!

And to prove it, I rely entirely on the goodwill of others to fund PhotoDemon’s development. This model has worked since version 1.0, and I hope it continues to work until version 99.0.

Because I don’t use advertising or other payment systems to fund the project’s development, donations go a long way toward helping PhotoDemon fund itself. Web hosting is inexpensive but not free, and this site has some unique demands due to its traffic. (It turns out people like free software – who knew?)

I am deeply grateful to all those who have donated, whether financially or by any other method. Thank you!