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November 7, 2017

PhotoDemon 7.0: final UI update

(This is part of a series about PhotoDemon’s 7.0 release. For the full set of 7.0 release articles, visit this page.) I’ve talked about PhotoDemon 7.0’s new UI in the past, but this is one of those areas where words don’t really do it justice. So let’s use pictures! The first time you run PhotoDemon, […]

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May 2, 2016

Interaction and Usability Tanner (PD developer) 10 Comments

Building a consistent user interface from Windows XP to Windows 10

As you probably know, PhotoDemon is a portable application. Portable applications meet a few special criteria: 1) You don’t need to install the program to use it. 2) You don’t need administrator privileges to use it. 3) You can easily run the program from a USB drive, CD, or any other removable media. While portable […]

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