Color to Monochrome (Threshold) / Monochromatic Conversions

Color to Monochrome (Threshold)

PhotoDemon provides an advanced tool for reducing any color image to two colors. The most common use of this is to convert an image to black and white, but you can also choose other colors, as the image to the side demonstrates.

For best results, the software can estimate the ideal threshold for you. It does this by scanning each channel and finding the optimal midpoint, then using those midpoints to calculate a best-fit conversion.

Twelve unique dithering algorithms are also available, from staples like Floyd-Steinberg to the Atkinson algorithm used in the original Macintosh.

Like all PhotoDemon tools, a dedicated command bar allows you to save and load custom presets, randomize parameters, and reset to default values. Last-used settings are automatically saved and restored, and all changes provide a real-time preview (no click or mouse button release required).