Contributors / (We love these people)

PhotoDemon would not be possible without the following talented individuals:

Developers and Translators

  • Audioglider for the development of many Adjustment and Effect tools, including Channel Mixer, Vibrance, Sunshine, Bilateral Smoothing, Lens Flare, and more
  • Ari Sohandri Putra for maintaining (and hand-editing!) a complete Indonesian translation.
  • Frank Donckers for extensive help with the translation engine. Frank also maintains the Dutch and French translations, and he wrote the initial draft of the German translation.
  • Frans van Beers for help improving the HDR tool, and many detailed bug reports
  • GioRock for maintenance of the Italian language file and many debugging contributions.
  • Hans Nolte for many improvements to HDR image format handling
  • Helmut Kuerbiss for maintaining (and hand-editing!) a complete German translation.
  • Kroc Camen for many code reviews and debugging contributions
  • Raj Chaudhuri for multiple patches, including fixes for a number of long-standing issues (some going back 2+ years!)
  • Robert Rayment for detailed research and bug-testing on a variety of features
  • Roy (rk) for maintaining (and hand-editing!) a complete German translation.
  • Will Stampfer for a comprehensive code review and multiple optimization and bug-fix patches
  • Zhu JinYong for a great deal of Unicode testing and help

Bug reporters and testers

Images and icons

Third-party libraries

  • Dosadi for the EZTW32 scanner/digital camera library
  • Floris van de Berg and Hervé Drolon for the FreeImage library, and Carsten Klein for the VB interface
  • Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler for the zLib compression library
  • Phil Harvey for the comprehensive ExifTool metadata handler (choice of GPL or Artistic License)
  • Pornel Lesinski, Greg Roelofs, and Jef Poskanzer for the pngquant tool

Source code references

Contributors to past releases