PhotoDemon 7.0.1 release

January 15, 2018

PhotoDemon 7.0.1

PhotoDemon 7.0.1 comes in a .zip file. It does not need to be installed. Simply extract the zip contents, then click the PhotoDemon icon to start.

Download PhotoDemon 7.0.1    (12.1 mb)

Alternate mirrors

For the security-conscious, all PhotoDemon releases are now mirrored at GitHub. The GitHub release page also contains full hash and checksum information.


PhotoDemon 7.0.1 contains a number of minor bug-fix and stability improvements relative to PhotoDemon 7.0. It is recommended for all users.

There is only one feature change in this build. I have modified PhotoDemon’s auto-update engine to require secure http connections (https://). For the vast majority of users, this doesn’t change anything; it simply makes the automatic update process more secure.

For users on very old, unpatched versions of Windows XP or Windows Vista, however, there is a small risk that PhotoDemon’s automatic updates will no longer work, because these operating systems lack the necessary features to securely connect to PhotoDemon’s new update server. Note that PhotoDemon itself will still function normally, but you will be responsible for downloading any future updates.

I never like to disable program features, but this is a rare “necessary evil” to protect the largest possible number of users. Note that up-to-date XP and Vista installs work just fine with PhotoDemon’s new update engine – it is only original installs (with no subsequent patching) that may be affected.

I do not anticipate future stability updates for the 7.0 version line, so barring any surprises, my focus will now turn to a variety of feature updates for a future 7.2 release.

Special thanks

Thank you to everyone who has submitted bug reports and feature requests relative since 7.0 released. Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming!

I also want to mention a special thank you to contributor Jason Peter Brown. Jason submitted a series of very helpful patches to this release, which not only fixed some obnoxious issues, but also saved me a great deal of time. Thank you, Jason!

Final thoughts

If you have any feedback on this release, please send me a message or create a new issue on GitHub.


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